Monika Hardy

Born: London, UK

Lives and Works London, UK


Through the use of color, form, and shape, Monika Hardy’s paintings conjure a sense of refracted space and time. Her paintings represent a time and place that can exist primarily in the unconscious world. It is a place where the concept of painting is secondary to the emotive use of paint. 


In Hardy’s series of paintings titled PROJECTED LANDSCAPES, colour, organic, and intuitive form are the central motivators of her work. Through subtle layering and positioning Hardy evokes a type of ephemeral landscape based on the emotion and subconscious memory. It is a landscape without a definitive horizon line or discernible objects or identifiers. Colour tells the story of memory, time, and place. In regards to the modular effect of her work, this is often intentional. Having more than one painting hanging in a group, the landscape becomes interchangeable at the whim of the viewer - and as it becomes interchangeable, the mood alters each time, much like a landscape in real time will continually change. 


Hardy speaks of her historical influences as rooted in the French Impressionist painters of the 19th century. In detail, she looks to the English painter Howard Hodgkin for his immediate and all encompassing layering of color and pattern. She also speaks about the paintings of French Fauvist painter Raoul Dufy and his fresh response to scenes and landscapes. Both of these artist remain important influences in the structure of Hardy’s paintings.


In this series of paintings the layering of geometric forms conveys an inner landscape of light and shadow. Within this construct of layers and patterning there emerges a highly personal description of an environment charged with logical sequencing and subtle emotion. The result is often a web of finely washed intuitive veils of color culminating in an environment that becomes a map for remembrance.