Elise Wehle

Born in Apple Valley, California, USA

Lives and Works in Orem, Utah, USA


Elise Wehle’s precise and intricate paper designs are born from a realisation she had made concerning modern technology, memory, and experience. In an increasingly immediate and virtual world, Wehle insisted on a return to a more natural approach to her experience as an artist with and within the world. In other words, Wehle wanted to slow herself down and recreate a meditative state.

Creating her art in this way makes her aware of her hands again, and this is an important point, because Wehle wants her work to be known as handmade. By weaving together paper, cutting patterns, and embroidering shapes, Wehle manipulates drawings, photos, and prints that require time-intensive, precise movements. Almost everything about her process is focused on a slow moving, methodical, hands on approach to the creative process. 

The images and patterns she creates become a physical meditation on a sometimes impervious world. In this way her work creates a bridge between that which is physical and that which is spiritual thus conjuring a labored beauty. She does not wish for the average viewer to necessarily recognize the environment or portrait she is conceiving; rather, she hopes that the viewer might engage in a world instead ruled by dreaming and contemplation.