Davy Lauterbach

Born USA / 1972

Lives and Works in Los Angeles, CA

Lauterbach has long worked as a poet and painter, attending both the Rhode Island School of Design as an undergraduate and Harvard University as a graduate. For a handful of years now, the artist has been better known for his award winning animation work for a selection of television productions, most notably 'the Simpsons'. Lesser known is his private work as an artist and a published poet. What interests Lauterbach is the edge of things. But these 'things' are the familiar in our everyday lives. In that aesthetic place, his work is most akin to the American Photo Realists. But, in everything that Lauterbach does, he provides a sort of crisp outline..... so crisp as to almost be cutting. He prefers his reality to be a hyper reality. In much of his work, the viewer is left in a form of limbo. At once, the imagery (or setting) is familiar to us and even perhaps banal. But, Lauterbach does not leave us in the familiar. The longer you look, the deeper you seek, the more you start to see in his paintings. Sometimes, the obvious is such a familiarity that it almost disregarded, whereas sometimes, a small detail can allow a visual portal in to another world entirely. Lauterbach could be a Surrealist, but he is firmly rooted in the 'Now.